Express manicure

This is a dry manicure using professional manicure device. Express manicure includes nail filing, removal of excess skin around cuticle area, applying hand cream and polish.

Classic manicure

Hands and nails are first sanitized with antibacterial hand spray. Next, I file and shape your nails, push and clean the cuticle area and slightly buff the nails if needed. Then I apply nourishing bees wax to the cuticle before soaking your hands in a warm aroma therapy water bath. After this stage, I exfoliate your hands to soften the skin. Hands and forearms are then massaged with a moisturizing lotion and, as the finishing touch , your nails are treated with the color of your choice. If you do not use nail polish I buff nails with the whitening paste to give them a cleaner and fresher look.

Treatment time: 50 minutes
Price: £15

Japanese manicure

Ideal for people with damaged, dry, and split nails or those who would like to recover their nails after wearing acrylic or gel nails. The Japanese Manicure is an alternative to clear nail polish. It improves nail growth and has nourishing and hydrating qualities. Regular treatment leaves your nails healthier, stronger and shinier.

Treatment time: 30 minutes
Price: £15 or COURSE of 4: £48

Paraffin hand treatment

The paraffin wax allows moisture to penetrate the skin, and locks it in, creating lasting benefits. This treatment is highly recommended for manual workers, and those suffering from dry skin, psoriasis or eczema. It can be added to a manicure, pedicure or any other treatment.

Treatment time: 15- 20 minutes
Price: £10

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