When it comes to pedicure treatments, hygiene comes first so please, let me assure you that all the equipment is either sterilised or disposable.

Medical Pedicure

This is a standard foot treatment including consultation and foot analysis. Feet are sanitized first . Toenails are cut, filed and sulcus cleaned thoroughly. Hard callused skin and corns are removed with sterile scalpel blade and the skin is smoothed out with electric file. Hydrobalm moisturizer is massaged lightly into the skin, toenails are painted and cuticule oil completes medical pedicure treatment.

Add a Swiss Calluspeel mask for an extra £5 with your medical pedicure to remove that built callused skin.

Price: £38

Luxury Pedicure

This pedicure begins with sanitising the feet. Next steps are: cutting toe nails, filing them with electrical pedicure device, cuticle removal and gentle toe nail buffing. A special Pedicure machine or sterile scalpel blade are used to remove hard and callused skin. Exfoliation of the feet is essential to remove the rest of the dead skin cells.The pedicure is completed with moisturiser applied with light massage movements.The finishing touch is for your toenails, which are treated with the nail polish colour of your choice. You will love your feet!

Treatment time: 75 minutes
Price: £45

Luxury pedicure with paraffin mask

As above but adding a nourishing paraffin wrap.

Treatment time: 90 minutes
Price: £50

CND Shellac pedicure

I focus on removing hard skin and preparing the toenails for CND Shellac application.

Treatment time: 60 minutes
Price: £42