Powder Brows

Would you like to have attractive looking long-lasting brows? Are you tired of pencilling your brows in every morning trying to achieve perfect symmetry? I am sure you have heard of microblading, the semi-permanent solution to sparse brows that creates the illusion of real hairs on your skin. But have you heard of powder brows? Powder brow is a slightly newer semi-permanent brow technique that creates a soft, powdered look, specially designed for your unique face.


Powder Brows are great for people with fuller natural brows but require more definition or those with sparse eyebrows or thin eyebrows. The shape is adjusted to client’s facial morphology but also client’s desires.

The skin type is another factor that will help you which eyebrows to go for. Powder Brows last little longer and are much more suitable for people with combination/oily skin types. The oil in the skin is naturally pushing the ink out and the more oily skin the less eyebrows last but Powder Brows are much better investment for these skin types rather than microblading.

Here is everything you need to know about powder brows, and how they compare to microblading.

The Difference Between Microblading and Powder Brows

Both are one of the hottest semi-permanent make-up styles for eyebrows with very different results. Microblading stands for a very fine hair- like- looking strokes blended in natural eyebrow shape. The strokes are drawn manually using pigment of highest quality and specialised hand-held tool with the tip made of uniquely formatted needles into a blade.
Only with microblading technique we can create ultra fine strokes mimicking hairs, filling the gaps where eyebrow hairs are naturally lacking.

Alternatively, Powder Brows are created by using a digital machine, which allows pigment of highest quality to be layered onto the brows, which results in soft eyebrow powder look. As the more pigment is inserted in the second layer of the skin, this method seems to last little longer on the skin. Once the pigment fades, the shape is there to follow in case you wish to make them darker. This makes the maintenance easier as coming back for a top-up is not as necessary.

Ombre Brows

Ombre means shading. This is a lighter version of Powder Brows where the technique uses gradual layering of pigment from a darker tail to lighter beginning and top of the eyebrow. Ideal look for those who like defined eyebrows but still looking soft, powdery and lush!


How long do powder brows last?

Typically, Powder Brows last 12 to 18 months, depending on the lifestyle, skin and the age of the client. The top-up or colour boost is needed after 12- 18 months.

Can you combine microblading and powder brows?

Yes! Actually, this is a really popular technique and you may know it under “hybrid” brow,“combination” brow or “fusion” brow where you combine both microblading and powder brow techniques. The results look beautiful when hair strokes are at the front of the brow while the powder blush is going through the rest of the brows.

What is the Powder Brow Procedure Like?

After seeing client for a consultation and the patch test, the appointment date can be booked.

Step 1. Brow mapping: Once this is done and We both agree on the shape, the symmetry and the pigment being used I numb the skin to ease any discomfort during the procedure with a numbing cream or gel. I usually tidy up the eyebrows by trimming and tweezing unnecessary hairs out of the pre-draw shape so I have a blank canvas to work on.

Step 2. Filling in the brows: Now I have the shape to follow I am ready to start and fill the brows using the machine, which inserts pigment into the upper layers of the skin. If the client wants to achieve even softer look I can also create Ombre Brow Look- where the front of the brow is lighter than the rest of the brow – the color is distributed more sparsely at the front and the top of the brow, which makes it look lighter and darker underneath and at the tail of the brow. The pigment needs to be layered in gradually so this takes time to do.

Step 3. After Care: Once the procedure is finished I show the result to the client and take time to talk to After care as this is very important. Following an advised aftercare will lead to beautifully healed eyebrows.

Powder Brows Healing Process

After the first session, the brows will look thicker and darker than the final result will be. The color you can see immediately after your appointment will become around 50% lighter over the next four-6 weeks. Keeping them clean especially first couple of days after the procedure, but hydrated with the ointment I provide you with is the key.

Typically, after four days, the brows start to scab and flake. Whatever you do, don’t pick your brows and allow the scabs to fall off naturally. It is not that noticeable and this process doesn’t last long either. Once, the scabbing is over, approximately 7 days after your initial appointment, the brows look lighter. For the next couple of weeks, it may seem like the pigment has disappeared, but this is just the skin healing. After around four weeks, the pigment starts to become more visible again and you’ll notice that the brows appear more defined. After 6 weeks time your Powder Brows are fully healed and ready for a little top-up appointment to add more pigments in lighter areas.